Family Photography

What is a Documentary Family Photographer?

Simply put, documentary family photography freezes genuine, unposed, and natural moments in our daily lives.

In my approach to family photography, I firmly believe that real and spontaneous pictures stand the test of time. My goal is to assist you in revisiting the invaluable memories created during your treasured family moments.

From the miracle of births to the joyous celebrations of marriage and all the beautiful moments in between, I’ll be there to document and encapsulate the essence of life.


I’m specialized in capturing timeless memories of you and your cherished ones, employing the same candid style.

As a Family Photographer, my approach to these sessions mirrors the observational essence of my wedding photography. I prefer to blend into the scene, becoming a silent witness to your beautiful moments.

Typically, I dedicate a morning or afternoon – sometimes an entire day – to simply observe and capture. This approach ensures you receive genuine and heartfelt memories of these exceptional moments.

While many of my family photography clients are those I’ve had the privilege to photograph during their weddings, I also embark on ‘day-in-the-life’ projects with older couples and families with grown children.