the journey begins: Combining travel, Family and Photography

Capturing Moments and Wagging Tails

When they say life changes after having a baby, they aren’t kidding. With our 7-month-old son, Léo, and our trusty four-legged companion, Rocket, by our side, my wife Iratxe and I embarked on our first family trip. As a photographer, I was ready to capture every moment, and this journey proved that you can still live your passions, even with a baby in tow.

We kicked off our adventure from Ghent, Belgium, heading for Calais, where the adventure truly began as we boarded the train to Folkestone. Our first stop was Oxford, a place close to my heart because of my deep admiration for J.R.R. Tolkien and his magical tales. The city’s charm and literary history made it an ideal place to start our family expedition.

Amidst the dreaming spires and cobbled streets of Oxford, I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of Léo’s curious expressions and Rocket’s tail-wagging enthusiasm as he explored this new world. It was a beautiful reminder that our family was growing and evolving, with every click of the camera capturing the unique moments we shared.

Family Frames in Scotland: A Photographer's Perspective

After Oxford, we sought refuge in a charming country cottage, our little home away from home. The tranquility of the countryside was a soothing balm to our souls. There, the green fields and winding lanes provided the backdrop for Léo’s first giggles and babbles abroad – another memory etched forever in my camera’s memory card.

From there, our journey took us to Liverpool, a city of musical legends and vibrant culture. The Beatles’ legacy was our soundtrack as we explored the iconic landmarks, with Léo cooing in delight at the sounds and sights. Our dog Rocket, always up for an adventure, made friends wherever we went, reminding us that sometimes, life’s most cherished moments are simple and unscripted.

Next, we ventured to a small village near Loch Lomond, where the serene waters and rolling hills painted a picture-perfect postcard of Scotland. With Léo snugly strapped to Iratxe’s chest and Rocket’s tail thumping in anticipation, we embarked on leisurely strolls along the loch’s shores, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Scottish countryside.

Our journey then led us to the Isle of Skye, where we hiked to the iconic Old Man of Storr. Carrying Léo in a baby carrier, we navigated the challenging terrain, with Rocket leading the way. The misty landscape and otherworldly rock formations at Storr were like something out of a fantasy, a scene Tolkien himself might have conjured. The camera captured these moments, the laughter and amazement, creating memories we’ll cherish forever.

The mighty Loch Ness, and the rugged Highlands were waiting us. The dramatic landscapes were a photographer’s paradise, with Léo and Rocket becoming integral parts of my compositions. Their presence infused life into my frames, making the images resonate with warmth and love. The myth of Loch Ness might remain unsolved, but our family’s love was a mystery worth experiencing.

Our final destination was Edinburgh, a city that seamlessly merges history and modernity. As we strolled along the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile, I couldn’t help but think that Léo, like us, might someday be inspired by the tales of this enchanting city. The camera clicked away, documenting not just the places but also our evolving roles as parents and the unwavering companionship of Rocket.

capturing the raw emotions of our evolving family

Traveling with a baby is challenging, and we did hear those comments about how it would change everything. But the truth is, it doesn’t limit your adventures; it enhances them. Léo and Rocket became our muses, filling our journey with an extra layer of wonder and love.

As a photographer, this trip wasn’t about framing picture-perfect moments but about capturing the raw emotions of our evolving family. Every click of the camera lens felt like etching another chapter in our family story. The joy of embracing our passions while savoring these new family experiences is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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