Freezing Those Fleeting Moments.

The subtle glances, the genuine smiles, the beautiful connections—all those fleeting moments that might have slipped by unnoticed.

what I love about documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding and elopement photography captures the genuine, unscripted, and rugged beauty of your love story.

In my approach to these special moments, I firmly believe that real and spontaneous photographs become timeless memories that stand strong. My mission is to help you relive those invaluable moments, etching the essence of your love and connection into the very fabric of time.

From the electrifying engagement moments to the powerful union of marriage, my lens will be there to document and encapsulate the raw, unfiltered strength of your journey as a couple. Each frame stands as a visual testament to the genuine, unscripted emotions you share.

Crafting the Beautiful Tale of Your Wedding Day

My photography style ensures you can fully embrace your wedding day with the ones you hold dear—your friends and family—seizing The Love. The Laughter. The Emotion.

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